expedition ENDEMISM

Your expedition focuses on the unique natural history of the region. The plants and animals that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, the ENDEMICS.

Our collection of photo catalogues of endemic wildlife has taught us how to celebrate this often little known and ‘hard to find’ biota.

Our commitment to the environment and our partnerships with regional science and conservation organisations has us in direct contact with those who are studying and protecting the worlds natural wonders.

Your desire to see them will promote efforts to preserve them for the future and keep these ENDEMICS ETERNAL.

  • Luxury all-inclusive wilderness travel
  • Custom designed itineraries to your specifications
  • Find and photograph the regions endemic plants and animals
  • Exclusive access and world-class personal guide
  • Small group travel (min 2 – max 4) (larger family groups by arrangement)


The Wet Tropics

The wet tropical region of North-East Queensland has the highest biodiversity of any in Australia.

It is home to:

  • 30 % of Australia’s marsupials
  • 60 % of the bats,
  • 30 % of the frogs  
  • 23 % of the reptiles
  • 62 % of the butterflies  
  • and 24 endemic birds.